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Country vs Country rewards and Spoil Point rewards rework

The release of Country vs Country feature (CvC) later this week will add an interesting community and tactical level to the game, and finally give a deeper meaning and a goal to countries and how each player contributes.

Country Vs. Country front battles

Country Vs. Country front battles

We’ve designed CvC battles to be based off countrymen decisions, strategy, and some speculation of what the opponent will do. It was also important for us to ensure a country can become stronger, but also to be beatable no matter how strong it is! Additionally we want to promote „smart decisions“ and teamwork, but also add an element where an individual decision can add some personal benefits, and add a new way a country can accumulate gold with.In this post, we want to focus on how the rewarding system will work, and how we are also reworking the spoil points rewards, which will also affect/improve the existing Country Invasion rewards.
CvC Front rewards Each front the country will fight on (one attacking, and 0-X defending) will reward each of the sides with a set base amount of gold, multiplied with a scaling factor for country’s active users (similarly upgrade costs and Break The Line (BTL) rewards work).
Based on how well each of the sides fight (for defending side indicated by % of Headquarters (HQ) health left, for attacking % of HQ damaged), this gold reward will receive an additional 0-100% bonus.
Gold rewards are paid to the Country Treasury – even if a front is lost the reward is still paid, just that the better the country does on the front, the more gold it will

Country vs Country feature (CvC) – summary of purpose and specifications

Hey everyone,

We are happy to be able to finally present the barebone of specifications for the upcoming Country vs Country feature! We have been narrowing down the specifications for CvC the past few weeks, as there were a ton of potential ideas, solutions, problems, issues, tweaks etc.

We had to go over various versions and ideas that introduced unfairness due to time zone differences, had an “online time pressure”, had 0 country concept, were too messy/confusing for players, were too random, had boring mechanics,… Shortly put, there was a lot of things considered we had to reject for various reasons. We ended up with something that we feel fits the game, connects some unconnected parts of the game, introduces a lot of community/social elements, gets rid of “country isolation”, is not time-pressured and creates an ever-evolving/dynamic competitive environment that will get everyone and every country a great experience!

Purpose/goals of CvC

With Country vs Country we want to add a late game feature to the game, that will make the game more fun (especially at late stages) by adding additional depth, giving more meaning to „country“, and connect ALL users in common „events“ and playing goals as well as add a new highly social element to the game. As a late game feature and as a “controllable mechanic” it can also be used in various fun and exciting ways to balance out late game for players and keep the game fun for far longer periods of time, giving users the chance to get more invested with the game.

We also wanted the function to be as simple and easy to understand as possible for users, and not over complicated. Minimum user effort for maximum reward, fun and social gain.

How it works/specs

As the feature is quite extensive there is quite a bit to explain , to get a full idea of how the feature will look like. For those that might find such long specs boring, you might want to scroll-down to check the first graphics  😉 But as a lot of you are anxious of what’s coming, we felt it’s best to give you as much information as possible!
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