Competitions are LIVE!

On Monday, we’ve deployed an update that changes a bit how weekly competitions work to make them more engaging an fun! Shortly put, now they’ll only take into account active registered users, and their GAINS during a competition week.

Compete and collect great rewards

You will also notice that rankings widget is now separate from the competitions button, to make things more clear and easily accessible!

We are still resolving some minor display issues also considering some additional changes/ improvements to the country score competition. For more info feel free to check our previous post:

Stay tuned 😉

End of Competition Round #6 – Who is leading?

Participate in competitions for bragging rights and win cool badges with powerful boosts!

Check your standings here: competitions

Wondering how taking part in competitions can get you some extra life-time boosts? Check: competition rewards

Congratulations to all winners of latest Competition Round! Getting into TOP 1000 players gives you nice rewards – why not try and get there yourself?

Competition Round #6

Competition Round #6

Latest competition was won by mbipbux (best player by Score), liberdeus won the category of Best player by PowerPoints and the Top country by Score was Venezuela, Italy in a close second and United States on the third place!


We wish you all a lot of great strategies, new colleagues joining your country to make it stronger, but in general a lot of fun playing current #7 Competition Round!

Competitions & new mechanics

Competitions after rework will work a bit differently. To make things more interesting we are changing some fundamental mechanics of how score is calculated. From now on, score will represent some sort of combined progress of both WarZone AND BootCamp. Damage done in WarZone will still remain as basis of the score, that will be multiplied by a certain factor based on your BootCamp progress. This change will go well in hand with the overall improved connection between the two worlds and make the competition between players a lot more interesting, as it won’t be as linear anymore!



To help us get rid of some scaling and performance issues down the road, we will also be limiting display of past results of competition to last two. We will see if we can in some better way display all past competition results later on, but in the current implementation it is simply not a workable way as it could cause us a lot of issues down the road.

What is in the current considered as “score”, will now basically become damage done in WarZone. So still a relevant statistic, but the new overall score will now represent the overall progress of a player much more better,, as it connects both worlds and makes up for a much more interesting competition!


It’s been a while since we posted major update, as we were working on one that we are almost finished with – Competitions are coming to WarClicks, where you will not be able to fight for various rankings on a weekly basis. Top players (both new and old) will be able to compete every week for special badges that will not only look cool in your profile, but also give you some special boosts for your WarZone and BootCamp. This update is not meant only as a reward for your constant efforts, but also to give everyone something additional to aim for every week!

It’s coming soon, so you better start preparing your strategy of how you’ll beat your opponents and become the better player.

As you’ve noticed we are changing and improving the game constantly and this will be one of the first updates to make it more interesting, competitive and rewarding to play for everyone! Check out our the first leak of graphics(rewards) for the upcoming COMPETITIONS!

Active players will be rewarded for their activities and positions in the weekly competitions. Higher rankings = higher rewards.

Team WarClicks.com