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Competitions are LIVE!

On Monday, we’ve deployed an update that changes a bit how weekly competitions work to make them more engaging an fun! Shortly put, now they’ll only take into account active registered users, and their GAINS during a competition week.

Compete and collect great rewards

You will also notice that rankings widget is now separate from the competitions button, to make things more clear and easily accessible!

We are still resolving some minor display issues also considering some additional changes/ improvements to the country score competition. For more info feel free to check our previous post:

Stay tuned 😉

Free Gifts

Some of you maybe noticed that we’ve added ‘’Free Gifts’’ on WarClicks. We decided to give away some of our products FOR FREE in exchange for active playing. We will reward all active users that are playing the game regularly, so this might be a great deal for you to beat others!

With these gifts we want to show new players what all they can do on WarClicks, and Continue reading

Can you find yourself in the TOP rankings?

Soldiers, can you find yourself amongst the TOP 1000 players? Simply go to the game and you’ll be welcomed with any rewards you’ve qualified for, as our first weekly competition came to an end! All active players are now getting rewards for ranking high in various fields, and why competition is now getting fiercer amongst the top players. Beat your enemies by creating your personal strategy of progressing faster and climb the rankings. We encourage you to do so! (Plus it’s very worth the rewards!)

Congratulations to all winners of the 1st Competition Round!

Congratulations to all winners of the 1st Competition Round!

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