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UPDATE: February 13th

We just released another update (requires refresh to take affect):

– Resolved issue of Daily Tasks sometimes not recognizing Spin the Wheel, or daily activity rewards towards completion. * keeping an eye on this still, so please report if you spot any sort of issue with this still!

– Also prettified the daily tasks a bit in some cases, to make it a bit clearer what the status is

– The Power points reward from daily task has been buffed – from doubling your current power points, it will now 10x them (before you gained the same amount, now you gain 9x of the amount). It’s a quick buff to this reward, but we’ll look into improving the rewards overall soon

– Fixed a bug where converting SP to rewards, wouldn’t immediately disable a button if not enough SP available

– Fixed a bug where 30s DPC would sometimes suddenly show “3” as amount, even though you actually have more/less of them

– Fixed the issue of CvC battles sometimes calculating the result a bit differently than what the replay showed. Note this might mean some replay today might suddenly show differently, but from tomorrow onward these issues should be fixed. If anyone ever still sees a discrepancy in results & replays, please let us know immediately so we can fix them ASAP.

Info on bug fixes and improvements in the past few days

Hey all!

We just wanted to drop some info about the recent improvements/bug fixes in the past few days to help shed some clarity on what’s been sorted and what not, so if there’s some issues you still spot let us know about it and we will resolve them as quickly as possible!

Fixes: – Massive improvements on WarZone progression/state checking (main cause of “reinitiating before PvP battles”). This means that units drops, battle stars, daily tasks, achievements, unit kills, damage done, mission rewards, wheel rewards, tc… basically any warzone related action should now be properly saved. So if you still spot any inconsistencies please do let us know about it so we might investigate further!

  • battle type achievements and units destroyed achievements weren’t being checked properly, so you might notice getting them for “the past”
  • some WZ upgrades were causing small miscalculations with DPC
  • icons showing up/popping up should be properly sorted
  • pvp battle simulation improvements
  • addition of help popups on most confusing/important features
  • help section reworked with new information

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