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Boss fights – what losses are you willing to take?

When it comes to the upcoming rework, one of the final pieces of the puzzle are Boss Fights. They are not being added for the sake of just improving WarZone, but also introduce some new mechanics, an extra connection with BootCamp and expand the arsenal of progression strategies.

The one thing the current version is really missing, are “stepping stones” or progression obstacles to make WarZone feel much less linear. Making it feel more fun and make users think how to tackle these big challenges was one of our main goals here. We initially wanted to achieve this with our defense mechanic, but it simply doesn’t work as we wanted to, as it’s really tricky to handle progression/rewards with it and it doesn’t really fit well into our core game loop.

Boss fights

Boss fights

So with the rework, defense will be removed, and Boss Battles are (sort of) taking its place, but in a much cooler way!

Boss Battles will be extra tough enemies (appear every 5 battles –  note that every Continue reading

Postmortem and Things to come on WarClicks – PART3

Hey all,


Can’t believe it’s been over one year since we started seriously developing WarClicks! Since then we’ve done ton of updates that changed and expanded the game massively, learned so much about the genre and all the possibilities it offers, and watching it expand via so many cool features added in the game.

In fact your contribution and feedback has been a huge help in not just helping us keep the game alive, but also discussions are one of the major driving forces that kept us rethinking things, what we were doing wrong and what we can and should improve. Instead of writing huge incremental walls of text, we’ll try to keep it to some of our most useful lessons that can stay in points (most are aimed at fellow developers, some are just more general):

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Country Invasion – Boss Fights – Country Leader and more

The way country Invasion works is getting reworked to make it much funner and exciting to play! We’re currently working on adding additional features/design/animations, making it bug free, user friendlier, improve gameplay, and adding room for some extra country-based strategies…


Country Invasion

The First and the most important improvement is that you’ll now have the option to fight more than one enemy base in a single day (if any completed). Enemy Base progress will be reset, but all of your current clicking force will stay untouched, so your country should get through the early invasions really quickly.

These changes will make sure no one will be left out of the reward pool regardless of when you can get to it in a day! As well as giving strong countries the chance to utilize Continue reading