MonthAugust 2017

Country Invasion – Boss Fights – Country Leader and more

The way country Invasion works is getting reworked to make it much funner and exciting to play! We’re currently working on adding additional features/design/animations, making it bug free, user friendlier, improve gameplay, and adding room for some extra country-based strategies…


Country Invasion

The First and the most important improvement is that you’ll now have the option to fight more than one enemy base in a single day (if any completed). Enemy Base progress will be reset, but all of your current clicking force will stay untouched, so your country should get through the early invasions really quickly.

These changes will make sure no one will be left out of the reward pool regardless of when you can get to it in a day! As well as giving strong countries the chance to utilize Continue reading

WarZone has received a small facelift!

We’ve done some reskinning of the WarZone graphics and making sure hard-earned ranks get the attention they deserve! Where are you currently at? Check it out in the new Rankings ladders – Are you a Field Marshall yet or still getting there?

Progressing through military ranks will be much more exciting now, we’ve removed all pop-ups that blocked the game when you reach a new rank. Now you’ll be able to find some cool animations that will show your new achievements more smoothly.

We hope you enjoy the new improvements – more will follow soon!
WarClicks Team